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Magic Flight UFO

$100.00 CAD

UFO – Unnamed Filtration Object

The latest accessory was developed by the fearless leader of contraptions, Magic-Flight's founder. His vision was to have a stealthy, portable bubbler for on-the-go vaping. The result was a wooden lid that fit over the top of a water glass. UFO - Unnamed Filtration Object was born.

Made of laser-branded, water-resistant bamboo, the UFO features a gasket underneath to seal snugly over the rim of most vessels. Accompanied by an acrylic draw stem, a whip to connect to your Launch Box, and two perforated acrylic straws (down-stems) for better bubble dispersion in glasses of varying heights, the UFO is a sleek and portable device that fits easily into your pocket. Stealthily make a water-vape on the go and see where your UFO will take you.


  • 4.25 x 2.5 inches



  • 1 x One Bamboo Unnamed Filtration Object (4” diameter)
  • 1 x One whip (18” length)
  • 1 x One draw stem (4.5” length)
  • 1 x Two perforated acrylic straws (3” length & 4.5” length)
  • Instructions
  • Velvet storage pouch

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