Magic Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box

$200.00 CAD

The Muad-Dib (pronounced maw-deeb) Concentrate Box contains everything you need to easily, quickly, and safely vaporize concentrates, oils, and herbal extracts*. No torch is required! A tiny, pin-head-sized amount is all you need for a sensational experience.

The Muad-Dib uses the same simple, patented technology as the Launch Box, but with a smaller and user-replaceable screen design that vaporizes concentrates in as little as three seconds.

The Muad-Dib is available in your choice of two styles: Noir and Walnut.


  • The Muad-Dib uses the same batteries and the Launch Box, but drastically improves on battery life, allowing you more than fifty uses on a single charge.
  • It also features a brushed-brass lid, an optical-grade lens, and a brass bowl-insert that makes cleaning a snap.
  • Due to the high heat produced by this vaporizer, a 1.5 ft. black, silicone draw whip with brass ends is included in place of a draw stem to help cool the vapor stream.
  • Used For Concentrate Only.
  • Rechargeable Batteries.
  • Lifetime Warranty.


  • 1 x One Muad-Dib Concentrate Box
  • 2 x Rechargeable NiMH Glyph Batteries with protective caps
  • 1 x Battery charger
  • 1 x Felt-lined decorative tin
  • 1 x 1.5 ft. Black Draw Whip
  • 1 x Loading spoon
  • 1 x Replacement Screen
  • 1 x Muad-Dib Flight Guide

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