King Palm Codia Palm Leaf Wrap Suga Punch Fighter Edition

$5.00 CAD



The King Palm Experience

The Cordia palm leaves the brand uses are the key to their success. Every one of King Palm handmade leaf wraps come pre-rolled for ultimate ease and accessibility. When smoked, these incredible palm leaves produce a slow, smooth-burning result that only King Palm organic wraps can provide. These products don’t contain any tobacco, harsh chemicals, or glue, and with these all-natural ingredients, a cleaner smoke is just a light away. King Palm pre-rolled cones are simply as close to nature as it gets.


King Palm and Sean O’Malley have a few things in common they both had to fight to get where they are, and they both mastered the sweet science. This knockout flavor is a fusion of juicy oranges with pure honey.

  • 2 Honey Orange Mini Terpene Infused Rolls
  • 1 Bamboo Packing Stick
  • Each Roll Holds Up To 1 Gram


Open the cage, and step into the ring. Our Suga Punch flavor is a potent combination of juicy oranges drizzled with pure honey. Experience a unique flavor fusion that delivers a knockout punch.

Every display contains 20 packs of 2 rolls each.

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