King Palm Codia Palm Leaf Wrap Mango OG Mini Rolls

$5.00 CAD



The King Palm Experience

The Cordia palm leaves the brand uses are the key to their success. Every one of King Palm handmade leaf wraps come pre-rolled for ultimate ease and accessibility. When smoked, these incredible palm leaves produce a slow, smooth-burning result that only King Palm organic wraps can provide. These products don’t contain any tobacco, harsh chemicals, or glue, and with these all-natural ingredients, a cleaner smoke is just a light away. King Palm pre-rolled cones are simply as close to nature as it gets.

Get ready to puff on delicious notes of fruit, berries, and all things sweet. Pop the terpene flavor capsule inside the filter of our Fruit Passion Mini pre-rolled cones, and take the natural flavors of your smoke to a whole new level. All you have to do is pack the cone, spark the cherry, and whenever you’re ready, crush the capsule to release waves of all-natural fruity terps.



  • Roll Capacity: Holds One (1) Gram
  • 2 Mini Rolls
  • 2 Pre-Installed Red Reign Flavor Tips
  • 1 Packing Stick

Every display contains 20 packs of 2 rolls each.

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