SKU: Glass Convection Vaporizer

Glass Convection Vaporizer

$50.00 CAD

Made in Canada By UK glass artist Glass Charlie. 

This Glass vaporizer is designed by another UK glass artist and Slightly revised by Glass Charlie 

To use this device Pack your herbs into the end of the 14mm male joint And slide over the Glass tip with Female 14mm joint  Twist slightly to lock it in. 

After the tip is attached You can heat the Part of the tip that has many dents on it with a  butane torch for about 20 - 30 seconds The heat of this Will vaporize your product when you draw in air through the device from the mouthpiece 

WARNING :make sure not to heat too quickly or overheat the tip otherwise breakage can occur ( tip will eventually need to be replaced )  Also keep in mind that the Tip will remain hot so be careful where you set it down and not to touch the End until you are sure it has fully cooled.

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