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Xvape Vista

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The next evolution in the world of e-nails has arrived! The XVAPE VISTA is a superior quality, battery operated, portable concentrate e-nail that you can be used by itself or with your favourite 14mm or 18mm male or female glass water pipe.
The exclusive breakthrough technology in the VISTA is the internally heated all quartz element with 4 temperature settings. Whatever your heat preference, the VISTA satisfies your need for low to high temperature dabbing.
The e-nail is ready to dab in 5 seconds! The unit battery capacity is 2900mAh, meaning you can enjoy extended sessions without frequent stops to recharge. The unit even has pass-through charging to ensure the fun doesn’t stop when the battery is low. This unit is safe, portable, and powerful.


Battery Capacity:
2900mAh (Lithium-Polymer)

Charging Voltage/Current:
5V / 500mAh

Working Voltage:
3.3V – 4.2V

Click the button 3 times consecutively

Temperature Change:
Click the button 2 times consecutively

Battery Low Indicator:
LED lights flash 10 times rapidly

Whole Quartz

Time for Each Click:
20 seconds

Short Circuit Protection:
Light flashes 5 times rapidly

Package Contents:
• Top Cap/ Carb
• Straight glass tube top (for water pipe attached use)
• 2 Quartz Heating Elements
• Main VISTA Battery and Control Unit
• Base Stand
• Glass Bubbler Attachment
• AC wall charger adapter
• Retractable USB cable
• Dab Tool
• Additional Rubber Gasket sets
• Deluxe Leather Carrying Briefcase

Accessories Available for the XVAPE VISTA:
• XVAPE VISTA All Quartz Cup Coil
• XVAPE VISTA Portable Water Bubbler
• XVAPE VISTA Glass Tube
• XVAPE VISTA Silicone Rings

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