White Rhino Torrid 2 Portable Electronic Nail

$199.99 CAD

  • 3 Temperature Setting
  • 6 in 1 Adapter ( fits 10mm, 14mm & 18mm male and female glass fittings ) 
  • Replaceable Nail Head


Starter Kit Includes:

1-Ceramic bowl, 1-USB Charger, 1- Glass Cap, 1-Packing Tool with Cap, 1- 6 in 1 Adapter, 1-Torrid Battery 2-Air Passage Pins

The Torrid 2 electronic nail now has 4 new key features compared to the original model. A ceramic nail head, 3 temperature settings, 4 minute timer and a open top glass cap.

The new Torrid 2 now has a ceramic nail head and is activated when you press the button down for 3 seconds. Torrid 2 will warm up and after about 30 seconds is ready to use for about 4 minutes of continual use and then it will auto shut off. No need to hold the button down as we know you need that hand to pack your contents.

3 Temperature Settings. The original Torrid had one setting and that was it. The torrid 2 now has 3 temperature settings for you to change to the perfect temperature for the type of material you are using.

Open glass top with cap and packing tool. The plastic cap that came on the Torrid was inconvenient for users. So now the Torrid 2 enail features a open glass top with a stainless steel cap with a packing tool attached to it. This allows the user to open and close the enail as needed.

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