Vapir Rise 2.0 Ultimate

$375.00 CAD

The newest addition to the Vapir Vaporizer Family is Rise - the Godfather of Digital Vaporizers. This premium convection vaporizer is a stationary desktop model that offers an exceptional (perhaps ‘clinical’) approach to the at-home vaporization experience. Users can customize the temperature (in both degrees Celsius & Fahrenheit), control the Fan Speed (ten options including a fanless setting!), pick between balloon or hose inhalation methods and choose to serve up to four people at once with the exclusive hookah adapter!

The VapirRise 2.0 is the culmination of responsive design and intuitive functionality: this is the most customizable vaporizer on the market. Sit down, turn on, and Rise Up with Vapir!


  • Designed for Loose-Leaf Herbs & Essential Oils
  • Supports Both Balloon Inflation and Direct Inhalation
  • Serves Up to 4 Users Simultaneously
  • Forced Air Or Non-Fan Functionality
  • LCD Temperature Display (°F & °C)
  • Medical-Grade Stainless Steel Vapor Path
  • Exceptional vapor Flavor & Density
  • 2-Year Standard Warranty Included

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