Cloud/Ten 5 Inch Rugged Hard Carry Case

$40.00 CAD

    • CLOUD/Ten Davinci IQ Compact Travel Case – Smell Proof Airtight Container – Includes Free Mini Herb Canister That Fits inside 
    • Protective Interior Foam With Rubber Liner Holds The Davinci IQ , Included canister and Small Accessories 
    • Durable Crush Resistant Hard Exterior and Padded Foam Inserts Provide Impact Protection 
    • Solid Silicone Insert and Snap Tight Latches Keep All Scents and Odors Contained Within the Case 
    • Ideal For Discreet Travel or Storage Measuring 5.75″ x 4.0″ x 2.0″ Includes FREE HERB CANISTER

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